Bear's Den of Helen
Years ago I created a business account to process credit cards from a vendor tent in The Villages, Florida.  My high quality merchandise cost more than customers would have in cash and I needed to create a method to accept credit cards at the point of sale.  I had the account named Wine Me Knot and it worked well.  I  now use that account to handle the Bear's Den rentals.  There are other web sites called "Bear's Den" so I chose to give my site a unique name.

My business account is handled through Merchant Services/IAccess and provides a secure web page for credit card transactions on this site.

I also rent my vacation home as well as some friends homes in The Villages, Florida and provide the same wonderful accommodations (without the mountains and snow) as my cabin.  Please leave a message with any further questions regarding this cabin or homes in The Villages.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

Pam Collins

Contact Me
Business Phone: 352-551-4789  Address: 1764 Lisette Way, The Villages, FL  32162